Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why "Happy Happy"?

Until I met my husband five years ago, I was decidedly UNHAPPY unhappy.  Super unhappy.  Why is a long sad story that I will not burden you with.

When I met Michael, things changed.  Meeting him and falling in love with him showed me how much potential happiness existed in life.  Loving him and being loved was wonderful.  And I was happy.  Did we have tough times?  Of course!  There are plenty of times when I'm sad or angry or unhappy about something, not unhappy in general.  I really did not think I could be happier.

A little over a year ago, I gave birth to my son.  And I gave birth to happy happy.  If you have ever had a child, you know what I mean.  The love is magical.  And the happy truly expands to happy happy.

BUT. Being a mommy is hard.  Really hard.  And there are times when "happy" is not your first thought.  You know... when you get up for the 5th time that night with your six month old.  Or when he screams for twenty minutes because you won't let him break play with the computer.

One of his cuter not-happy moments.
The trick is what you do between those moments.  Whether you are happy happy is determined by how you feel - in general - not in the moment.  How do we keep that happy happy, in general, feeling?  That's what I'm hoping to explore.

Happy Happy

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